Once again…where to now?

The fact that I have no chores to do and time to sew is wonderful! My fingers are still sore, but my calluses are coming back and my fingertips will soon be tough as nails again!

The constant dilemna–and delight!– of my life is figuring out the next step in each project as I do it.

This is as far as I have come with my last little triangle undertaking.


I like this embroidery detail on my circle holes and I’ve used it before, with additional stitching and beads.


Those details don’t feel necessary for this project, but I’m not sure which direction to head in for the next part of the journey.


There is a lot of empty space in this one and I’m thinking that while it may need filling, it should be simple stitching, probably only a running stitch. Matching colors? Perhaps. Beads within the circles? Only there? Maybe.

Have several days in the car to think about it…since I can’t work or read in the car without getting carsick. Love those audio books!

And I’ll be desperately working on finishing the project-that-I can’t-show, so you may not see these again for a little while. I WILL show you the finishes, though, I promise! And, of course, I always enjoy your suggestions.


14 thoughts on “Once again…where to now?

  1. I like the circles with stitching, how the top two glow as if illuminated. I also like the expansive dark space. I wonder about doing a circle in dark thread, maybe having it go off the edge.


  2. What a cool piece! Is that ribbon embroidery? It looks great! I’ve often added hand stitching to my piece but never with ribbon, but I recently inherited a bunch of embroidery ribbon from a friend so I think I might have to try it. It gives a great texture.


    • Nope, not ribbon embroidery. Just perle cotton and embroidery floss on this one. I tried ribbon embroidery once and wasn’t very good at it. Never got back to it to practice, so I’d love to see what you do with your ribbon.


  3. I love how those sun shapes just glow, especially in contrast to those deep, mysterious shadows in the green background fabric.


  4. I just love all this. It is so fun to see. As I type my husband is designing me a new studio that will be a painting and fiber art studio. It will add another quarter space to our house by enclosing our deck and sunroom. I am so excited.


    • I love doing embellishment. Sometimes between projects, I forget how much I love every single part of each type of embellishment I do. As I pick up embroidery thread or a bead or sit down to quilt, I can’t help but remember that I love what I do!


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