Back to beads–hooray!

One triangle piece is done with the stitching, but there may have been a better way. I used #3 perle cotton and a running stitch and it looks the way I expected it to, so there’s that. It was very hard to get the needle through, even using one that was plenty large enough for the size of the thread. My fingers are very sore! However, with the dark color on the dark background, it’s a bit hard to see.

If I had couched the thread down, there would have been a solid line of thread and perhaps that would have shown up more. Did not want anything blatant, though, so I’m okay with it as is.

And now I will be adding beads…yummmmm! I think the title of it came to me while I was selecting them…The Sunny Side of the Mountain.

Not certain exactly where or in what pattern I will be applying these beads, but the bright colors seem just right. It seems as though it’s been just about forever since I’ve done any beading and I’m excited to get at it again!


6 thoughts on “Back to beads–hooray!

  1. Looks like you have made the right choice for color. Yes, it is really difficult to get a needle through some fabrics and my hands will no longer take a lot of pressure. I don’t do much hand work now. Anxious to see the results on this.


    • I quit hand quilting because my hands wouldn’t take it, but embroidery seems to still work. *Except* I won’t be doing much of this heavy thread stuff–that is hard!


    • It’s not all batiks and I didn’t notice much of a difference going from fabric to fabric. It was simply very thick thread which would have been easier to couch down! Sometimes I’m a slow learner and should have switched after the first 5 stitches!!!


    • This has become one of my favorites—isn’t the current one always a favorite, though? I think it will have big ‘globs’ of beads around the circles and *maybe* one trail of beads out from each. We shall see….


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