Is it done?

There are not nearly as many beads on this piece as I had first imagined that it needed. Actually, I started out with the idea of beads in the circles and then arcing outward.

As soon as I did that, I questioned it! I continued for a while and then took that arc out. I put beads in every circle, randomly.

I cogitated for a while and added some beads as outlines of the big thread circles.

Better–but is it enough?

And will it bother everyone who looks at this that the top is not one circle but two arcs on different circles?

Or shall I call it done and get it trimmed and mounted on a canvas?


12 thoughts on “Is it done?

  1. Beautiful and inspirational AS USUAL. I look at it and see Celestial Pyramids – or even SunStruck Pyramids. I like the open circle, as others have noted, for same reasons. So pretty! Darn it, now I need to go buy more beads! PS: Did you get carsick on your trip? I hope not!


    • No carsickness…I know how to avoid that now! Love all the suggestions for titles. You guys have more imagination than I do sometimes. And don’t we always need more beads, for the same reason we need more fabric and more paint…we MUST have a full palette when it’s time to get to work!


  2. I really, really like it. The top ‘circle’ of beads is either in the middle of becoming or in the middle of disintegrating. It gives the piece the feeling of motion, of moving time. It is not static. Oops, maybe that’s a title?


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