Clearing the way…

Yesterday was a day for clearing off the design wall of things that I’m not really going to work on right away. Sometimes there is so much hanging on that big wall that there is no clear space in which to work, or even think!

I pinned up the rest of the pieces I made at the design workshop, mostly to see if I want to expend any energy on finishing them.

This little fantasy daisy may get finished because it’s fun, but not right away. Cute but not inspiring…into the to-finish-sometime pile.

This design is either another fantasy flower or coral.

I like it, but it’s going into that same pile.

This next piece was started in the design class, but it hasn’t proceeded too far through the design process. I know what I’d like to express, but I’m not sure yet how to get there.

Kind of want it be an abstraction of deep in the pine woods at sunset, but it’s not saying that to me right now. And as I was cropping the picture for the blog, I accidentally cropped it a little further and I  like it tons better already!

But it’s also going into the finish later pile.

I also am questioning myself as to my courage…or laziness. These blocks from the Sherri Lynn Wood workshop have been hanging on the design board for months.

I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them, but since I haven’t done ANYTHING, perhaps the ‘plan’ isn’t really right! Perhaps I’m afraid of working on a very large piece, or I’m too lazy to do the work necessary. I’ve had various plans off and on but none of them came through as the correct way to go. These came down and got packed away, too! It will happen, but not now.

So I have a totally empty design wall today, no quilting commitments and a studio full of fabric……………………the world of possibility is before me. Can’t wait to see what jumps out at me!!!

6 thoughts on “Clearing the way…

  1. I like the idea of letting projects go unfinished when the timing isn’t right but I struggle with whether that is out of fear- not knowing where to go, not sure of my skills, etc. or the need for germinating. The process is never linear for me. The lure of new often supplants the desire to finish something!


    • The lure of new VERY often supplants that desire to finish! I’m only now, after 50 years of quilting and sewing, coming to the point where I can let things go, knowing that it was a learning exercise and does not need to be completed!

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  2. I know this feeling, start something, look at it, evaluate–is it worth continuing? Put it aside for now, check back later. If you still aren’t sure, cut it up, let it go, think of another approach! Katie


    • And I’m currently in the mood to toss things out! Looking through things and evaluating everything right now. Being realistic as to whether or not things are going to get done–ever!


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