There’s basting and then there’s basting…

Thread basting…glue basting…my preference is always going to be spray basting. On these first polka-dot pieces I wasn’t sure how I was going to construct them, so I started out with pinning. I knew that I did not want any fusible because it’s harder to stitch through, especially if you have multiple layers.

I picked out some really gorgeous threads to embroider with, too.

As I’m looking at them now, I may have to ask Denise to order more. I took the last she had of most of those skeins and I’m really falling in love with them.

Thinking….thinking…and I got out the glue stick and stuck some pieces down on the smaller piece. It’s about 20″ square or so, and I’ll feel better if that’s spray basted to the batting. If I were only doing machine stitching, it would be fine.

On the larger piece, I basted around the edges of each piece with thread. This piece is roughly a yard square and when I made the decision to hand stitch on batting, I just went ahead and spray basted it to the batting. Life is too short to spend it basting. I’d rather spend my time stitching with the pretty thread!

Ready to go!

So what’s the big deal with the basting, you ask? It’s an art quilt so what does it matter? Well, I have this idiosyncracy that if there is glue sprayed or glue stick spread, the glue must be washed out of the piece before it is hung up. Fusible–that doesn’t bother me at all, but other glues need to be washed. I have no idea how that will affect the threads I add because I usually avoid the issue and work on smaller pieces.

This will be an interesting experiment in the end…but that won’t be for quite a while. I plan on lots of stitching and nothing in a hurry!


2 thoughts on “There’s basting and then there’s basting…

  1. I usually use 505 spray for basting and got a little drift on my shirt when I was preparing a recent Safe House top for quilting. I picked off as much of the spray as I could from my shirt and have laundered it at least 4 times since. Well, there are still a couple tiny spots of spray. I now have no confidence the stuff really washes out. I even used a stain remover, but no luck getting these few spots out. I thought the stuff was much more water soluble. It’s a new shirt, orange. Lesson learned, wear old stuff when spray basting.


    • I have almost always used Sullivan’s, except for a brief trial of June Tailor (which I did not like). I don’t know that it washes completely out of a quilt, but it releases after washing and that’s what I’m after. Haven’t noticed any on a shirt, but now I will look for it. The overspray I get on my table, I wash off with Goo Gone. They both stink so much, even with good ventilation and a fan, that I spray and leave! Out in the garage is best!


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