Always a little bit of progress…

There are very few days that I don’t do a little something on a project. This turquoise and gray one is getting under my skin, though. I work on it for a while, decide I don’t like what I’ve done and rip it out.

I added black cording to the part I ripped and I’m not sure that I like that either. Perhaps I should have found something gray.

So I went on to other areas and added some more stitching.

And took it outside in the daylight to look at the ‘big picture.’

The best I can say for it is that I’m not going to rip any of that stitching out (for now!) and I’m getting more and more sure that I will be adding beads!

Taking a break let me concentrate on other beauty around me, too.

I’m very happy that someone planted this forsythia years ago, and didn’t groom it into submission. I love this hedge, from across the yard AND up close.

NOW spring is here and I think creativity will rise with the rising sap!



2 thoughts on “Always a little bit of progress…

  1. I like the subdued tones of this one – but I’m wondering if YOU are not quite happy with it yet because it doesn’t have some of your “signature” reddish-orange in it? I don’t think it would be hurt by a little coral colored beads! But I do like the interplay of the colors, the “jabs” of solid colors and the main circle done in the dotted fabric. I’ll stay tuned to see what you do! You always amaze me!


    • You could be right–the subdued colors are very different for me and perhaps that’s where I’m getting hung up. I plan right now on doing a lot of beading in the turquoise section, but this piece is calling the shots in spite of my plans! We shall see…


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