What a weekend!

For the first time in several years, I went to a quilt retreat and it was wonderful! All the women are in my Creative Seasons art group and I could not have spent time with a better group of people. Supportive and helpful and complimentary and critical–in the best possible way!

And I got SO much done. I only brought two quilts with me, planning on concentrating on that one simple task. It worked out well, except for my tired shoulders…

This picture doesn’t even show the quilting, but I got it finished.

It’s a fun little quilt, used a lot of scraps and played Sunshine and Shadows as I hoped it would. Here’s a detail.

I will be the first to tell you that the quilting itself is not particularly good in this quilt. I had some thread issues and changed my plan and I decided that done was better than perfect for a little couch throw!

Most of the quilting got done on this even smaller couch quilt, too. I’m taking a bit more time with it and trying to do a better job, because it might not end up on MY couch. Spiral shape fillers in the big X’s and then I wracked my brain trying to figure out how I should quilt the rest. Finally put some big O’s in the blank spaces, filled those with pebble stitching and then I’m filling the rest of the background with free form rows of X’s.

And then I came home to a fantastic change! My son came over and changed the failing flourescent fixtures in my studio. As messy and disorganized as this section is–I can pretend that it got that way when I moved stuff in order for him to work, but we all know better than that!–I am totally thrilled to take this picture with the light on!!!

I haven’t had a light in this section for at least a year, and now I have plenty of light (to see to clean by?). My whole studio is bathed in great light now and I smile HUGELY every time I walk down the stairs. Can’t wait to get down there and get to work!

Thanks, Greg. Great job!


8 thoughts on “What a weekend!

  1. Gosh…..you got a lot accomplished at your retreat…..far more than our group ever does……I think we are way too focused on food, chatter, beverages at our gathering!! Which isn’t a bad thing either.


  2. After dealing with one ceiling fan light in my sewing area and two bare bulb closet lights in my storage area for almost two years, I broke down and got new lighting. Wish I would have done it sooner. Two four foot shop lights in each room. With two day light bulbs in each fixture. They just plug in so minimal holes in the ceiling. Just a couple eye hooks. The ones in the storage area plug into the fixtures. It is very bright in there! One night I left them on while I went somewhere and it actually looked like the sun was shining on the neighbors house! HA! Still love them. Had to replace the one over the cutting table becaue I use that area a lot more. But other than that for $15 apiece plus the cost of the bulbs not too shabby!


  3. I feel better about the mess in my studio… I also have plans after I finish a couple more “items” on the list… Even told adult kids that we need to know who all is going to visit, would hate to move quilts off the extra bed into a pile somewhere else, could have been ugh cleaning or yeah quilting.
    One of these days! vivian


    • I always get the cleaning/re-organizing bug on the first few days when the air is warm and the windows are open. If I’m lucky, the feeling passes! This time, though, I’m thinking painting and really clearing things out. Maybe I better lie down for a while!


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