Not much sewing

My hubby and I joined the 21st Century the other day and got new smart phones. There IS a learning curve, from a simple cell phone to this little computer that also makes calls! Rather than doing any sewing, I’ve been learning how to use this piece of tech. Until I get familiar with everything, it’s a real time suck.

I’m taking a few stitches at a time on this piece.

Simple stitches, and I think it’s ready for some beading now.

This is not a good week for finding extra time. That happens. But we each have only 24 hours, every day and I’m looking forward to those days when every one of those 24 is not filled up!



4 thoughts on “Not much sewing

  1. I hate to tell you this….but just when you have that smart phone figured out….they will change the software and you’ll be floundering again!


  2. Nice color scheme on this one. I recently (about a year ago) also got a smart phone. It takes amazing photos. If you look at my most recent blogpost, all the photos were done with my iPhone. I love the phone for Google maps, too, and having it talk me through directions when I’m driving to a new place.


    • I’m sure I’ll get to that point, but right now it seems like I’m doing good to make a phone call with it! Though I have sent a text…I’ve also taken some pictures just to USE the camera, and when I figure out all the editing and getting it to my computer…and…and…and…and…!!!


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