This, that and the other

This was supposed to be a relaxing week. Nothing scheduled, lots of lazy free time…not quite what happened. Something got scheduled for every single day, though most of it was fun stuff.

I made an initial decision on adding beads on this triangle piece. I thought I should record my plan in case I don’t get back to it right away!

I’m going to add some of those almost invisible tiny beads around or over the large beads, too.

I’m getting excited that it might actually get warm enough to call it spring! My iris are getting ready to bloom. Hooray!

And then I have a friend who knows a guy…we were able to get a bunch of perforated metal and some plastic.

Our original intent was to find some rusty metal for rust dyeing, but not all this scrap was “rust-able.” It’s a mix of different metals, but when I saw it, all I could think about was stamping and printing!

LOOK at this awesome stuff!

It’s so cool–I hope I can bring myself to share–LOL!

And this weekend is the city wide garage sale. Usually I don’t bother with it, because I DO NOT need a thing….except when I’m driving home from lunch and spot this…

It’s pretty rough but it’s still sturdy. I think I’ll add boards across it instead of worrying about rope or metal strapping like it has already. One of my favorite things is sitting in a chaise, reading a book, sipping some water or tea, on a summer day. AND I can paint it lime green like my front porch chairs!



8 thoughts on “This, that and the other

  1. It will be fun to see what your quilted piece looks like when completed.
    Your perforated pieces are awesome; I’m drooling!


  2. Looks like a lot of fun for a creative mind! And what a great find! City wide garage sale, really? I gotta go hunting for fabrics, then!
    Enjoy the weekend,


    • I used to do garage sales for summer clothes for the kids, and then for cheap furniture and lamps and now I truly need NOTHING and I usually avoid the temptation!


      • Ha, I KNOW!!!! Me neither. But I love the thrill to find – something, treasures, old stuff… or fabrics? Plus: I won’t be in town for the guild’s garage sale in July! My husband would be very happy if I avoided the temptation, too, lol!


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