Sorry I haven’t been posting for a few days. The pictures I take with my phone might be fine for the blog but they don’t work if I want to have a high resolution photo on file. I have not yet got the correct combination of cables that will allow transfer of photos from camera to new computer with new style of connector…even though the nice gentleman at the store assured me that I did! And I just haven’t made that trek back to the store yet. And some of my photos from the phone show up through icloud and some don’t. Frustrating and I have to get it figured out soon or else there’s no point in having all these different devices if they can’t talk to each other! Frustration rears it’s ugly head!!!

I had my first summer dye day here and now I have a big pile of fabric to iron. And I’m still working on the puzzle of putting together the guild quilt. That’s my mission for today and when I get the photo stuff figured out, I’ll show you!

Got a picture here, but it was a long, convoluted process that I am not willing to repeat. I WILL find an easy, better way once again!