Back on track

Hopefully I have all the tech issues under control for a while and I can get back to sewing and posting!

Got a day’s worth of dying rinsed out, ready to press.

And after a while, all nice and neat and pressed–ready to use!

Today I got back to constuction of the Cross Quilt for the guild. The first half is almost assembled.


And the second half is….not…

Improv construction involves a lot of trimming and adding and quite often on a large quilt, partial seams.

It’s also a slow process, but I totally enjoy every moment of it. I’m still in love with this quilt and I’m eager to get it completed and ready for quilting. This is my top project at the moment.

Next week will be devoted to stamp making, so I hope to have this done before that. So many areas to explore. Textile art is infinite in possibilities and I will never, ever run out of things to try!