Next on my agenda is finally getting around to using the pile of stuff I’ve accumulated for stampmaking.

I have shapes to stick onto bases and shapes to trace and shapes that I have no idea where I got them!

Noodles and circles and wood bases and acrylic bases and a ton of self sticking foam.

I’m trying to corral this all into one basket, since I’ll be taking it all to a meeting of the Knot Even Quilters on Thursday. There may be some things left behind.

I found these white metal frames…somewhere…and I think I’m going to try them out for stamping also.

And, of course, there is good ol’ glue gun stamps!

I like using these by painting with the flat side up and laying the fabric over the top. They also give a unique effect when you use the ‘bumpy’ side for a less than perfect print.

Next week we’ll get together again to use what we have made, as well as have all our dye day stuff available. Fun times ahead.



6 thoughts on “Stampmaking

  1. Ha! Now I’ve discovered your blog and looking at all your StuFF to print with, it looks just like my StUFF.
    I haven’t printed in a long time but will get back to it one of these days. Still loaded with all that fabric I printed and need to use it! Thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog!!


    • Yes, making it and using it are two different worlds. It used to stress me out, but now I just enjoy whatever part I’m doing and don’t worry about the rest!


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