And then we played…

Tomorrow is another dye day, but mostly with paint, for me. I have stuff ready for playing and this morning I started to get the garage ready for everyone to use.

I surprised myself by having soooooo much more stuff to haul upstairs than I did for dyeing! Four trips up and down the stairs, for stamps, paints, fabrics, print boards, and an extra table.

I’m tempted to find a full wine bottle to add to this mix! It takes a lot of prep, but it wouldn’t take any LESS prep if I were doing it on my own. It’s so much more fun when I have my dye loving friends here, and we’re all enjoying what we’re doing!

Looking forward to tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “And then we played…

  1. Hope you all had fun! It always amazes me how much longer it takes to put all that stuff back than it does to gather it up too!


    • It takes FORever to put it away…half of it is out in the garage because it had to dry! And I’m not going to look at it again until tomorrow, that’s for sure. I had lots of fun but only got about a quarter of the things I wanted to get done!!


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