Still “building”

The Building Series continues with the quilting on the next set.

They are all the same size–I just didn’t size the pictures all the same! Anyhow, I kept the quilting very simple to go with the straight lines and a feel for buildings.

Not sure how I’m going to finish and mount either set in this series. Usually that’s a no-brainer to paint a canvas and make each piece a separate artwork. These may work better if presented as a single piece with four parts. Have to play around with this a bit, but there is a deadline and that helps me to focus and make decisions! And my brain just says hmmmmmmmm…….


4 thoughts on “Still “building”

    • Rusted, painted, dyed–it’s all in there! This is the type of work I want to do all the time. No hand stitching or beads in these, but I’m not married to having that in *everything* I do!


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