Love this flower!

Hardy hibiscus was a pleasant surprise for me a few years ago. I had no idea that this beautiful flower could withstand Michigan winters, but mine is flourishing. Of course, any plant that thrives on neglect does well at my house! These full blossoms are past their prime, but that adds to the charm for me.

Every year I take a few photos of the beauty I enjoy, fully intending to make an art quilt from them. I have yet to do that!

There is a beautiful orange colored hibiscus at my mother’s house that I would love to have here.

However, that is in Florida and those plants really would not survive that Michigan deep freeze!

The bug-eaten leaves—the potential of the buds and the flowering as it’s opening–inspiration for sure.

But it’s inspiration that stays only in my mind, not committed to fabric. Yet. It could happen. Maybe.


4 thoughts on “Love this flower!

  1. Beautiful pictures. I live in Florida, like your mother. I had a beautiful yellow hibiscus that bloomed all year here. Huge grasshoppers loved to eat this plant and I could not keep them away. It was like a drug to them. I would pick them off several times a day and back they would come. I went away for the weekend and the plant that had been 4 foot tall was now about 1 foot tall. Finally gave up and replaced with a plant the grasshoppers didn’t like. 🙂 Also, did you know if you plant a yellow hibiscus next to a red one the yellow will turn orange? At least mine did. 🙂 Enjoy your beautiful plants.


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