Magic Continues!

My brain needed a time out to do math. I used to be pretty good at math, but it took me forever to divide that jelly roll snake into quilt rows. The main problem was that I didn’t want the quilt to be huge. Unfortunately, there was just no getting around the fact that I started with a lot of fabric and it turned into a BIG quilt!

Here are my rows and I put them together with a strip of coordinating fabric from the line, mostly black. Here’s where I let the magic of random loose again and grabbed the rows and sewed. I could have played around for hours to make sure that no rows had colored strips lined up or two of the same color next to each other, but in the end, it really didn’t matter. Random magic looks just fine!

And it looks fine with the first border–but look at how BIG it is!

My design wall is 8′ x 8′ and this almost fills it. There is a 4″ border of the gingko fabric yet to go. And, you know, I did not do a lot of precise measuring and didn’t pin anything, so I know that it’s not  square or perfectly even, but that’s all right, too. Remember the old adage–it will quilt out!

I don’t really want to quilt this monster, so for sure it will sit on the shelf for a while again. But it’s a quilt and not unused fabric making me feel guilty.

The fabric leftovers on this are down to a total of about 1/2 yard. Probably enough for binding, so I kept it with the quilt rather than put it into the leftover basket.

That means tonight’s dreams will be about what to use for the next project. I’ve rediscovered some of the reasons I love quilting—and some of the reasons I moved to the improv side of things. I’m having lots of fun playing with fabric, while avoiding other areas of the studio that need destashing also. I’ll take the fun for as long as I can before I have to do any real work!!!