And I’m distracted……………

Ironed and packed up the stuff I need for my lecture on Monday night and got enough stuff cleared out that I can see the bottom shelves AND walk right up to them without tripping over crap.

I posted some photos on Instagram while I was cleaning…………….

Things explode when you dump out the scrap box!

Sorted and ready to move on.

I can see all the shelves–and there is room for more sorted fabric!

Some old projects surfaced, too, but they went back into a UFO pile.

THIS project is what distracted me!

It’s from a Sherri Lynn Wood workshop and it’s been marinating for months! I finally figured out what to do with it and spent most of today working on it. I want to make leaves with several techniques so this was a tryout. I don’t know if I want the smaller leaves on top. They were leftovers from the original project.

So I slashed and inserted and made leaves.

Still don’t know about the smaller leaves on top! But I took the plunge and squared off each leaf into a background. Truthfully, even though curves don’t bother me, it might have been easier on these large pieces to applique or sew to interfacing and turn.

Can I make a bed quilt or throw with these? Sure. Do I want to? I don’t know! It might be fun to add hand stitching and embellishment to each one individually. But then I have 3 more separate wall hangings to add to the stacks of unsold items I already have. Probably better to plan on a throw. At least it will be useful!

And with that bit of indecision, I quit for the day. It may not look like a ton of work, but those little slice and insert bits took a loooooong time! My brain is tired……………