Artsy calls to me…

It’s very hard for me to concentrate on making nice, useful bed quilts when I am surrounded by fabulous fabric choices that make me want to be creative! The leaves I made yesterday don’t really want to be part of a bed quilt at all, at all. They don’t want to be separated into 3 individual pieces either. Sometimes you just can’t win an argument with your fabrics……… matter how crazy you sound to others!

This is my vision–a tree on the left, with the big leaves on the right.

My first ‘discussion’ with the fabrics was to decide if the leaves wanted a solid background or a bit more color.


At first, I thought the solid background was better, but when I stepped back, it seemed too blah. Boom! Decision made and leaf panel made! On to the second half of this big art quilt!

This panel is supposed to become a tree. I’m working on it, but I’m not so happy with it right now.

It’ll get there. Maybe I can blame it on the angle of the picture………………naw, probably not! Well, looks like tomorrow there will be more ‘discussions’ between me and my fabrics. But I’m not going to take any argument from THIS pile of dreary dyed failure!

So while I’m moving tree branches around, I’m going to be dyeing this and anything else I see that needs overdyeing! Playing with color always makes me smile!