Busy days, sewing wishes

Yes, indeed, I’m wishing for sewing time. Even though I’ve done more sewing in the last couple of weeks than I have in the last several months, it isn’t enough! I love having time to play with my fabrics, to be creative and have no deadlines.

But there are often impediments to getting down to that sewing machine, like enjoying weekend hockey tournaments and going to kickboxing with my daughter. And, yes, I’m too old for kickboxing, but guess what? I can do it anyway. It feels good to exercise, even when I complain about it!

I’m making tiny bits of progress on my tree, and I’m happy with it. Stitched down my little branch and leaf pieces with some crazy sewing.

The idea is to simply get it attached to the background at this point. Additional stitch decisions will be coming, but step 1 is done.

My two big panels are sewn together and I’m thinking about a narrow strip of the stripe (say that 3 times real fast!!) across the top.

Nothing more will happen for a day or so. Monday evening I have to give a lecture at the Macomb Co. Quilt Guild and Tuesday is giving blood. Even though there may technically be time to sew, I find it’s harder when it’s interrupted time. Looking forward to Wednesday, when I’ll be back on my regular lazy retired person schedule!