The Stylized Tree—Finished

Finished, except for label and hanging sleeve, but sometimes those wait until I actually need to hang a piece!

I tried very hard to get it nice and straight, square and even, with no wavy edges. It came pretty close for as wonky as it was when I started! I’m certainly not going to stress over it.

And I didn’t try to get a professional looking photo. It’s just stuck up on the design wall so I could look at it and breath a sigh of relief!

But even as I was working to finish this up, I was thinking about the next project. A FB photo caught my eye and I tracked it down to a free pattern. The actual picture of the sample quilt was quite uninspiring, but the FB photo was very colorful, and mine will be also. I’m using strips of batiks, and it looks like a jelly roll that I have no recollection of buying. Some of them were already sewn together in pairs and that’s actually part of how the pattern is created, so bonus there!

Now all I have to do is find something compatible that I have 2 yards of to finish it. And I don’t have many fabrics in large chunks. A yard is a big piece for the way I work! I absolutely will not buy anything to finish this with, but I’m sure there is something in the pile that I have been hoarding that will work!!!

I’m really excited to get this one started. Using up my stash is turning out to be lots of fun, and I may actually get to a point where I feel it’s truly getting close to “used up”—don’t laugh. It can happen!