Confident Beginner?

The pattern rated this quilt as suitable for a confident beginner. I call BS on that! If I were a beginner and was faced with this

I might have quit! Eight seams per block, 4 on the bias, 5 seams to match on each assembly seam, and all meeting in the middle…nah! The confident part is fine, but not the beginner part. It’s more in the intermediate range. For me, it was a little bit fussy, but I got it done. Thankfully, I am NOT a perfectionist, but it actually came out pretty well.

So–here it is!

The pattern doesn’t call for borders, but the edges are bias and a border would stabilize it………..but does it need it? That’s the only other decision to be made for this one and then I get to start thinking about the next one. This is soooooo much fun!