Stern talk!

Part of managing a stash is USING what you have and one of the reasons a stash accumulates is reluctance to ‘use up’ those beautiful fabrics. I have quite a few hunks of material that I have ‘saved’ for the perfect project. This batik project looks fine without a border but I cannot stand leaving those bias edges out there to stretch….and they will stretch, even with stay stitching. I found two of those special fabrics that would work for the border AND that I had enough of.

The one on the left drew out all the colors and the one on the right let the colors shine in the center. It took a lot of stern talking to myself to use either one of those……..I love them both very much and did not want to use them up. But, c’mon, what’s the good of fabric purchased for quiltmaking sitting on the shelf and not being used for quiltmaking? Seriously………..and the stern talk worked! I chose the fabric on the left and now there is one more finished quilt top to add to the stack.

I’ve been under the weather for a couple of days, so haven’t made much progress on what comes next. But as I looked over those shelves that I want to get emptied, one shelf was half filled with mostly black and white scraps.

If I can get these used up, it will be a real advance in the stash busting! And if I can use up more of the other black and white prints on the shelves………………oooooeeeeee!

I decided to start with the leftover already constructed blocks from previous black and white adventures.  I used to always have leftover blocks because when I was doing strip piecing I never counted for the blocks. I used up the whole strip…cause what else what I gonna do with it?!

And out of that pile of fabric, I only have a pathetically small amount of fabrics that match. I’m thinking perhaps a baby quilt with these instead of adding in a bunch more fabrics.

That’s as far as I’ve been able to go, but those black and white prints are in my sights (should it be sites, like hunting?) and I will be using them! It may take more than one quilt, even, but it will be done!