Math brains…

My daughter and I have been working with her son on times tables…boring, but necessary. We have talked before about different kinds of math brains. I call them geometry brains and algebra brains. Concepts, theorems, spatial relationships are all part of the geometry brain and the algebra brain is better at the numbers and equations and operations of math. Some people are blessed with talent in both areas, some in neither. I am waaaaaay better at the algebra brain. I loved working on equations in school and did not like geometry at all. So what do I do in my quilt life? Take geometric shapes and drawings and figure out the math to fit them together………who’d have ever guessed that?

The easy part…half-square triangles, flying geese blocks, squaring up improv pieces…

And this is the final–probably–arrangement and this will be a small quilt. More directional…

And these pieces will just have to live the lonely life of the rejected…until I work on more black and white quilts!

Anyway, all that math stuff is a part of my thinking process when faced with this!

What kind of geometry am I going to need to figure this out? How in the world am I going to fit these pieces together?

Perhaps now is the best time for the improv brain to kick in and add chunks of fabric and cut hunks off until it fits together!!!



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  1. If you need an easy trick and nine times x call me I have a great trick you use your hands and I can explain it over the phone in two minutes

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    • Thanks, Lynn. I’m good! I know those tricks, too, because I used to be an educational aide for math! It’s just one of the things going on in my life right now. I’m enjoying math with my grandson!


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