Scrappy brights wrap-up

This pile of scraps was the start of the last scrappy bright quilt!

I was tired of these same fabrics before I started on my mission to use them up, and I’m totally sick of them now! But I got 5 baby quilt tops done from the fabric, so I feel good about that. I’ll put the pics in here, but they really look very much alike!

I probably should put a border on each one for a bit more stability, but I don’t have yardage of anything that would work. I do have a little bit of this scrap stuff left, but it’s in slightly larger chunks and I think I’ll throw that into the backs, or piece one back, and then I’ll be totally and completely done with these fabrics. Whew!

My goal is to get them backed and basted within the next week and quilted by the end of the summer. I still want to get my grandson’s hockey quilt quilted before summer is over, also. And, no, I don’t have a long-arm, so it’s wrestling everything on my domestic machine. It will take more than a couple of hours, but that’s why it’s called a goal!

The scrap mess is cleaned up and the table is cleared off.

I am ready for the next fabric adventure, whatever it may turn out to be!



8 thoughts on “Scrappy brights wrap-up

  1. Ebullient is the first word that came to mind when seeing your quilts. If you feel like they need a border, you might try a black and white stripe or dots. But they look fine just the way they are. Bravo for your tenacity. I have so many scraps I could cover a football field.


    • If I added a border, it would have been a black and white, but I didn’t have the appropriate fabric! Also didn’t have backing fabric, so I went to the fabric store…good thing they were having a sale! But they are all backed, basted and ready to quilt now! One tub of scraps–DONE!


    • Totally trying to use up the scraps, but also trying to work down the stash. Waaaay too much and those scraps—they multiply when you leave them alone in the basement in the dark. I swear they do!


  2. After months of selling my friend’s huge quilting stash…looking at 1930’s fabrics, batiks…more purple and pink than you can believe was ever manufactured, and now Asian inspired……lots and lots of pastels…..seeing your cheery brights brought a smile to me face!!!


    • I look to others for the subtle colors and designs. My fabrics are mostly all bright and bold and shout from the rooftops. Especially these, which were all fabrics intended for baby quilts from the beginning. ‘Pastel’ is a foreign word to me, and solid is almost unknown! Glad I could give your eyes a little ‘pop’!


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