Blue Lake is an absolutely beautiful campus. So peaceful and serene–before 1000 kids are here!

This is my view from the Fiber Art Studio back porch….

Which I am more in love with every year. And today they cleared off a few more scrub trees and more of that is planned for the fall! Beautiful.

Some of the kids have the first part of their project ready to use.

And you know that I love to dye fabric………..

Tomorrow, real sewing and embroidery. It’s hard when you are a beginner, but these kids are troopers! They will get it!



2 thoughts on “Camp……………..

  1. I know you work hard preparing for this annual event…’s wonderful of you to share your knowledge with the youngin’s and perhaps start some on the path to make fiber art part of their future.


    • I love teaching them but our time frame is barely long enough to instill basics! There have been a few over the years who have shown a real love for what we do and I’m sure they will continue to learn about fiber arts. And *that* is why we do it!


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