This is going quickly!

The first challenge project of the year is moving along very quickly, indeed. Now that I have all the materials I need, I’m jumping in with both feet.

Mostly pictures this time–made a light/dark background, added the cheesecloth and started snuggling the mica tiles in.

I even thought about how I want it mounted and finished, so this part will be done on batting only and any ugly thread work will not show through. I found some glittery thread in a drawer that I didn’t think I would ever use, but it’s perfect for the dark side of this.

Yes, you can stitch through mica…because mica is a unique stone that can be split into layers thin enough to sew through!

Ready to add embellishments…

Oh–nope–that’s the layout before the dark thread and sewing down the mica. But basically this is where I started with the beads!

And that’s where I’m at! The quick part is done and now it’s beading and some hand stitching. Slow work, but enjoyable, for sure.

And it keeps me from worrying about the exhibit opening reception Friday at Northville Art House. What if no one comes? What if everyone hates it? Oh, hell’s bells……..I don’t really worry about that stuff anymore! I’m happy with what I do and other people’s opinions are just that…everyone has one and mine is the one that counts for my work.

But it’s still good to stay busy!!!