‘Self-directed workshop’

‘Self-directed workshop’ is a term I saw posted by someone on FB today. It’s a wonderful description of a great way to work. See something you like, get intrigued by something you have never done, remember something that you started and would like to re-visit…There are so many paths to explore and I’m certainly in the mood to grab onto something and study it in depth.

I keep saying that I want to get away from commercial fabrics and use only fabric that I have ‘created’ in some way. However, that means more than just skimming the surface of some technique and thinking that I know it.

Today is going to be an assessment day. I’m giving myself permission to hang out on the internet and surf for fun stuff. Ask myself what I MOST want to do and learn and spend some real time absorbing it.

This will be quite difficult, I believe, because I love everything to do with textile and fiber and stitching and printing and painting and beading……………..I want more than superficial so let’s see what grabs me enough to dig deep!

Aaaaand….no pics today because I don’t know what direction I will be traveling! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “‘Self-directed workshop’

  1. Kathy, I rarely use commercial fabric because I have so much of my own dyed and printed fabric. My problem is I continue to find techniques that pretty much blow me out of the water! However, I never get around to making stuff with them because either I’m on to the next technique or they are too precious to use!! My challenge this year is to finish pieces with my fabric. Good luck on your quest. Looking forward to what you decide on. Meanwhile, I do have lots of tutorials on my blog that might give you some inspiration – lyndaheines.blog.

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    • That’s kind of where I’m at and I’m determined to use that ‘made’ fabric. Your blog is on my list and I have seen all of your tutorials, too. It’s hard to concentrate on one thing when it’s ALL so fascinating, but at least I have plenty of fabric to experiment on! That will never be a missing part of any equation! Looking forward to lots of play time coming up.


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