Working on what to work on

Spent some time tooling around the internet, trying to decide on a concentration to study, but still not quite there. There are some projects hanging around the studio that have to be finished, so trying to get at those while thinking about other things!

This is finished and ready to be mounted. Of course, I had to paint up a canvas and wait for the paint to dry…tick tock tick tock tick tock! I have decided to change the title that it had while being constructed (The Light Cannot Be Constrained) to the meaning of the symbol that I found for the center–The Light That Makes You Gasp. That phrase struck a real chord with me.

And I had too much paint so I had to use it up. It doesn’t go back in the tube, or in the jar if you mix a custom color! I grabbed a piece of fabric and some alphabet stencils and printed some dark letters.

My friends Chet and Jan have a commission piece that I’m working on, too. I showed you the planned out major stitching areas (which is unusual for me, for sure!) and here it is all cleaned up with straight lines and ready to go.

It’s sometimes a pain to remove the paper, but  it’s still waaaaay better for me than marking up a quilt top. I never have the danger of non-removeable marks this way.

I’ll probably spend some time on the internet again today, visually exploring, but I want to get more of the quilting done on this piece, too.

No deadlines is strange, but wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Working on what to work on

    • I’ve used this method quite a bit and prefer it to any kind of marking. Paper and tape are my go-to products for any pre-planned and straight line quilting. Most everything I do, though, is truly free motion and that’s what I really love!


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