Text and Texture

Text and Texture is the challenge I am working on right now. It’s not due for almost 3 months, but when the idea strikes, you have to roll with it.

There was one thing for sure that I wanted to get on the top before I attached a backing and did any quilting. Cording is always eye-catching and I wanted to create an image that looked like writing but not actually BE writing. Paper–always an easy way to create the image, even if it’s a pain sometimes to remove!

Worked like a charm!

I secured things in a few places and then added an envelope back. Several rows of stitching around the edge and it was ready for quilting.

I did not have a real plan, as usual, but knew at some point that I wanted to have stitching that looked like cursive writing but not real words. I didn’t quite achieve that because it turned out to be impossible for me to do without thinking of and using real words.

But I did it upside down and from the back so it’s not really readable…I think. When I pinned it up for blocking, I’m not sure it’s exactly what I want.

It may stay like this or it may need some more stitching…but for now, I’m done with it. And since you can’t tell the size from these pics, it’s about 26 x 37, so fairly large.

Don’t know yet if I’ll procrastinate on the sleeve or go ahead and get it done. Tomorrow could bring something to distract me, and I could……………..squirrel………….!!!