Funky squares finished.

I put together this quilt top as an antidote to fabric indecision in the studio. And then I decided to go ahead and quilt it, since I had a big block of time…and was still undecided about my fabric choices for the other project!

Most of my weekend free time was spent on the quilting. I decided on simple stitching and it worked well.

I only had a few blocks left to do today, but it was a struggle, because hours of quilting those simple stitches was pretty boring!

I persevered and got it finished!

As much as I hate piecing quilt backs, somehow it doesn’t bother me to make binding out of all those leftover pieces of scrap! And if I have 20 yards of extra binding, that doesn’t bother me a bit, either. It will get used, eventually, either as binding for something else or as part of a strip pieced project.

I seldom work with white, so this top was a big departure for me. Even stranger was the fact that I used white for the backing, because I had a piece of wide backing. Now that it is done, and the quilting shows on the back so well, I am glad that I went with the white!

No studio time tomorrow….appts and running around, along with a predicted ice storm! Planning on the roads being salted and good by the time I have to go out my door. Hoping, for sure!

Then it’s time to get back to those indecisive projects waiting for me. If I can’t come to a quick fabric decision, the timeout shelf may see some new business.




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