Progress and….oh, NOOOOO!

Progress was being made on another piece for our Text and Texture challenge. I found quite a few fabrics with Oriental text on them. Lots more than I thought I had.

Sometimes too much is just…too much. Not sure how to use this much variety, so I was going to go with my ‘standard’ improv of a strip of each and assemble with curvy seams and build from there. Then my love of raw edges took over and I tore some pieces and strips and laid them out on a piece of stabilizer.

I thought I would attach these English letters on the top.

The concept is good but the letters are not quite right. I thought perhaps text fabric as background would work and guess who has a lot of text fabric?

All fat quarters and the piece is bigger than that. Figured that a mixed up background would be too much with a mixed up foreground. So I grabbed a bigger piece of plain white fabric and wrote all over it!

Lots of nonsense–song lyrics of the music I was listening to, random thoughts, anything to fill the ‘page’. And it worked. Looks good, especially since it’s almost totally covered!

It’s all laid out-a bit different than the initial layout– and I used tape instead of pins or glue, simply because I had it out and it works! I’m using a beige felt backing that will have 1/4″ showing. I will have more pictures in a day or so, but as I was working on quilting and adding some cording…

OH, NOOOOOO… machine made a needle-breaking noise but there was no broken needle. The bobbin thread wouldn’t catch. Of course I did all the cleaning and checking and re-threading that I could, but it ended up taking a trip to the spa. It will be diagnosed and I’ll find out how bad the news is tomorrow. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that it will be simple and fixable. I really don’t want to lose my dependable little workhorse, but it’s old enough that it’s time may have come. We shall sleep with our fingers crossed tonight!

At least I have another machine for quilting and piecing, and can do that while I wait. I am NOT a good wait-er. Sigh………….