KEQ Dirty Dozen

It’s always easy for a group to have a Dirty Dozen Challenge because the limits are so flexible. But I have to say, I am looking at an extremely varied pile of objects for this one.

Our rules are very flexible, though. For example, we don’t actually have to USE the orange foam rubber shapes, but can reference them through stamping or painting or using just the shape. Same with the iced tea bottle. But still………..

I try to think about projects like this as I am falling asleep at night. Often I can work out construction problems or at the very beginning like this, my subconscious can come up with ideas while I sleep. This one, however, has not been making it easy to drift off.

I think I have the beginnings of an idea, though, and it’s wacky enough to even need those foam shapes!

It’s going to take more thought, though, before I truly have a good plan.

In the meantime, the group is going to have a simple stitching day Thursday, with a “Common Ground” beginning. I’m bringing squares of wool and silk and each of us is blindly bringing some embellishments to add.

Doesn’t it sound delightful to have a stitch and chat, with no real expectations? I’m looking forward to it, for sure.

Work on the turquoise big project continues, a few inches at a time. As eager as I am to start on the next phase of construction, is as slowly as I proceed on this one. I am glad that I remembered a trick from my hand quilting days.

You unwind double the amount of thread that you normally would and start sewing in one direction…but only pull that first stitch through to the halfway point. Then when you have used the first half of the thread, you go back and start the other half in the other direction.

And since I’m stitching around squares and rectangles, and it’s not easy to turn the entire piece, it’s much easier this way. Obviously half the starts and stops!

Slow living in the summertime, for sure. Always something like grass mowing or gardening or grandson time to pull me out of the studio. Summer in Michigan is so unpredictable that you have to stop everything and enjoy the delightful outdoor time when you can! Even when the deer make a delightful dessert of your beautiful hostas!

I am replacing some of those hosta with more deer resistant plants. Let them dine elsewhere!!

7 thoughts on “KEQ Dirty Dozen

  1. I feel your hosta’s pain. I live in CT and I spray EVERTHING about every 10 days. Otherwise they would decimate my garden since a lot of it is what they love, day lilies and hosta. But they like almost everything. Tomorrow is a spray day for me since it finally stopped raining.
    Your challenge sound a bit daunting. Look forward to seeing what you do.


    • My deer graze the whole neighborhood so they have a lot of choice morsels! I do have quite a bit of stuff that they don’t like and keep adding more. I’m surprised about the daylillies, though, ’cause they have never touched mine. My neighbor’s Asiatic lillies, though………….gone!

      And this challenge is *seriously* challenging, for sure!


  2. I so understand your pain as an avid gardener. We live in an urban area and still see deer coming to eat our beautiful hosta. I thought we left that when we moved away from country living!


    • We live right in the city, but our house is on a direct path from one body of water to another, through to fields and woods. They used this area long before there were houses here and that is not going to change. However, I do resent them ringing our doorbell and demanding that we plant MORE hostas for their enjoyment!


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