Hooray–Finally quilting!

Yes, I finished the hand stitching on my big turquoise project and I can start on the machine work! Hooray, hooray, hooray!

And I keep referring to this as a huge project, but it’s not even bed quilt size, so it’s not so very large! But for a wall hanging, it’s pretty humongous.

I got that first leaf quilted and I’m going to be very happy with the choice of black thread.

However, my choice for the areas surrounding the leaves was not so wonderful. I had planned on random interlocking square and rectangular shapes and started with that…….and ripped it out! I simply didn’t care for the look at all. So now I’m trying pebbles.

Not thrilled with those either, but the more organic is definitely better than the straight lines. This is not coming out exactly how I had imagined, but they never do, do they? My raw edges and batting showing may need more enhancement than I thought to say what I mean……….working like this is so much fun!

Probably no more stitching time until Saturday or even Sunday, but it is progressing!

2 thoughts on “Hooray–Finally quilting!

  1. Intuitive trial and assess can be so much fun. Perhaps the fiber artist’s equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest. Definitely a challenge, especially for those new to the field. However, for those artists, like you who have honed their eye and skill set – what a view.


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