KEQ Silk/wool Challenge

While I’m getting the big turquoise project quilted in odd bits of time, there are other odd bits of time more suitable for hand stitching. The latest KEQ challenge with wool and bits of silk is the perfect project.

Started at the last meeting and always intended for hand stitching, it seemed that simplicity would work best. I showed you how I added the cabachon . Then the rest of the project needed only rows of running stitch.

It was originally intended to become a 12″ square, but now it’s kind of rectangular. Usually I show you the finished product or a cropped picture before finishing. Since I’m not totally sure how it will be trimmed, this is the raw piece.

Another decision waiting to be made……….sigh!

2 thoughts on “KEQ Silk/wool Challenge

    • Thanks–and I think that’s all it’s gonna get! Finish the edges and mount it on a canvas. But I was reminded that it was a large collection of cabachons that led me to small pieces originally and I still have a LARGE collection of cabachons…


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