Inspiration…or too many choices?

TV watching requires some type of hand stitching. It just does. So I grabbed some random wool scraps and some bright beads and started stitching.

That didn’t take long! What next? And that’s where the problems began………….

I went looking for some other beads to add, thinking I would do a color gradation in the spiral. It might still come to that, but I have so many cool beads tucked away that I have forgotten some of what I have!

I found these really lovely wooden beads and tried a couple of layout possibilities.


And more controlled.

And then these big black and white beads wanted to join the show.

And a baggie of big beads that look like they have once been made into a necklace, because they are coordinated.

I kind of want to do something with that elephant, but it’s really big for this little piece of scrap fabrics.

Really, decisions are so much harder when you have too many choices. I’m afraid to dig further into the bead storage drawers! Possibilities are endless!