Bits and pieces, again!

Bits of time and bits of projects. That’s what’s happening around here lately. It’s summertime, so that’s how things go in the studio! You need to enjoy the time and the people and the outdoor things that don’t happen at other times of the year. Oh, yeah–that includes the lawn mowing and weeding the garden!

I’ve been working on several projects at once, with a lot of it only in my mind. And a lot of it is planning for teaching at Blue Lake in a couple of weeks. My co-teacher and I have a couple of good ideas, but it’s the translation from idea to TEACHING that idea that takes some work! Knowing that our students are primarily unskilled newbies to fabric arts really forces you to go back in time to memories of how you first learned these skills. I like to show why we tell them to do things certain ways rather than simply telling them to DO it.

3D is our focus this year, so they will have to take their art ideas, translate them to fabric, learn how to sew them and make them get up off the table! We are asking a lot of them.

I’m working on a sample that will show first, a simple design stitched on muslin with no interfacing or batting and a little paper embellishment added.

Then I will show them why we add those other things for support, even before we work on the underlying cardboard structures. Need to make those step out samples yet.

Also working on a challenge for my KEQ group and there is a deadline for that, too. I’m not going to show you my completed project just yet, but I did get it done. Just know that I used this artificial eyelash

AND these orange rubber flowers in the piece!

And while I had paint and glue and tools out, I got these pieces finished and mounted.

Trying to stay on track and work to deadlines, but I am easily distracted. My word for the day–every day–for the next couple of weeks is FOCUS!