Have you ‘squashed’?

Something new and very interesting to me!!! I am not a scrapbooker or journal keeper so the idea of squash books came as a surprise to me when I saw one a few days ago. It’s a book that folds up into a small square and they are absolutely charming. I want to do it in fabric, with a professional look AND be able to teach it at Blue Lake in a couple of weeks. Yeah, right………..easier said than done, for sure!

First thing was to learn how to fold it and then to figure out which materials would work best with fabric. Heavy interfacing was my first thought and it is maybe too heavy. It will make a large package even before adding any fabric.

So, lighter weight interfacing. Had lots of fusible, but can’t iron in the folds that way! Sew in interfacing worked just fine.

Scraps and large pieces, no decorative stitching, so the premise works fine. But look at those raw edges!

One edge treatment often suggested is a dip in paint to seal the edge so that’s what I tried.

Ummmm–nope! Messy, uneven, ugly. The stitcher’s answer would be a machine sewn edge, but I want to teach this to unskilled children so I can’t plan on that. For adults who already know how to sew, probably! For camp, it’s important to me to teach hand sewing skills.

So I’m headed back to the drawing board–and more thinking–while I work this up. Oh, AND we want to incorporate a cross disicipline printing component with this, too. We are all good teachers, but maybe not this good, for this project. There are other ways to add mixed media.

Will continue to work on this idea–in a hurry–but I’m sure there will be some version of it taught at camp!