Weekend fun

Another spur of the moment weekend trip for us and I did absolutely NO sewing. My family is originally from the Utica/LaSalle IL area and we decided to go back for a visit. The areas’s major attraction is Starved Rock State Park. It’s along the Illinois River, with limestone bluffs and canyons and trails and waterfalls……..lots of walking!

We have not actually walked those trails since our son was a baby, and things have changed a bit, for the better. There were no boardwalks or safety fences or STAIRS on the trails then. We stood on the bare rock, and didn’t dare get too close to the edge.

The view from the top of the rock is spectacular, and this will give you an idea of how high we are.

It is so much safer now, with these improvements and better for the area ecologically, too. Limestone wears down very quickly and hundreds of people go through the park every summer. Winter draws almost as many, especially since the eagle population has rebounded and they nest on a river island.

But the other half of the equation is the abundance of canyons in these limestone bluffs. Walking the trails, you look up and can barely see the sky.

From the heights, to the depths and no shortcuts! Soooooooo much climbing, and for every step up, you had to make the trip down to get out of those canyons. But it was totally worth it for those lovely waterfalls…that you can walk behind! My favorite kind!

With lovely pools beneath them.

I didn’t take photos of one waterfall and pool that was filled with joyous, laughing, wet children from a youth group. They were having so much fun!

We could barely move after we were done. It’s a bit different when you are a senior citizen than it was when we were young. We were able to make it to a lovely cafe and I liked the window treatments very much.

I think it’s a great use of all those vintage handkerchiefs you may not know what to do with. Of course, if they are precious to you, you won’t want to expose them to sun damage, etc. but do you want to enjoy them or hide them away to preserve them for another generation that won’t know what to do with them? Can you tell that I would USE them?

Had dinners with a couple of cousins and visited the museum that was once my grandfather’s workplace. Got some info about him there that I hadn’t known, so that was a bonus. We had some extra time and went to Galena IL, since hubby loves history and that’s the home of U.S. Grant. Turns out it is a totally charming town and may deserve another visit to just tourist around that area.

Our last minute weekends have been wonderful fun, but I do have things to get done now! Looking forward to some art group meetings, and Quilt University at the end of the month. Teaching at Blue Lake at the beginning of August–lots of decisions and projects to get ready for that.

Isn’t summertime supposed to be for rest and relaxation? Good thing I love what I do!