Slow stitching

Knot Even Quilters meeting today and we had decided to do a slow stitching round robin and simply enjoy the time. Everyone brought their project and the materials needed to work on it and even some general foo-foo to share. Not surprisingly, as soon as the stitching began, the conversation dropped to a low murmur!

The plan was for us to stitch and switch after 15 minutes and that time limit was immediately discarded. Most of us wanted to produce quality work on each piece we worked on, so we spent a bit more time before we switched. We had some “skip me, I need a few more minutes” but in the end we all worked on all the pieces. Sooooo much fun, but no pictures. Maybe when we bring them all back finished…don’t laugh! It could happen. In fact, most members of the group ARE finishers, so it will be fun to see.

My project was a last minute two-fer. Another group I belong to is going to have a challenge and make a round robin scroll piece…decided last night and I need to have a sample for the next meeting. Sooo–I grabbed a bunch of supplies, some background fabric and used my KEQ friends to get me started!

I am using lace, sheers, vintage linens and my aim is to have a lavish and vintage piece. They are such good friends and started me off so well!

I’m going to put so much more stitching into this and I don’t want to work on any of my other deadline pushing projects. However, I forced myself to put this away. Out of sight means that I will get the obligations finished first.

And, as promised, blog posts will be fewer during the busy-ness of summer fun. Grandson hockey camp this week.

Swimming and picnic with him and his friend Friday. Quilt guild Saturday………………….looking forward to Sunday. Maybe not a ‘day of rest’ but surely a day of quiet sewing.

And that darn grass just keeps on growing………………!!