Happy little flowers

My plant love is all about perennials. I love those reliable old friends that bloom their little hearts out, year after year. And right now, when sewing time is in short supply, I smile at every blossom.

I have some large blossoms on the daylily plants, with lots more to come.

Even the deer ravaged hostas produce flowers for us.

I don’t baby these plants either, so there are bug eaten edges and old and new flowers on the stems.

These black-eyed Susans are getting ready to burst into a riot of bright yellow.

I did not even know that I had these balloon flowers, so they put a big smile on my face.

The few annuals I plant are happy and the potted plants are all puffed up and proud of themselves!

Even the grasses and bushes are lush and full.

And guess what…that grass keeps growing, too!!!

Quilt University this weekend–woooo hoooooo!