Tell A Story Faces

Libby Williamson is a very gracious teacher. I fell in love with her style of face making and she is allowing me to share that with my middle schoolers at Blue Lake this year. Of course I don’t have her expertise, her tips or hints, but these are beginners and just getting a taste of–and hopefully a fascination for–textiles. That’s really my goal.

I had never made any kind of a portrait before and I was very scared to try it. I expected an epic failure and thought I was crazy to even think about teaching this.

Well, let me tell you…………..this is fun, challenging, and it could become addictive for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this!

And it doesn’t hurt that I have an almost never-ending resource warehouse.

It makes me even less likely to throw scraps away.

Here’s my first effort.

You Go, Girl!

All I knew when I started this was that I wanted to add crazy spiked hair. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Wanted to have samples of a couple of other ways to construct a face so I put two more together–without any of the fear or procrastination of the first one!

‘Sup, Dude?


There are a lot of things that I will do to these after camp is over, but that’s mostly because I have access to machines and techniques that the kids at camp don’t have. I’m going to make my ‘resource warehouse’ available to the kids, too…and maybe I’ll be able to get a handle on that huge pile of fabric scraps!

These may have been the first faces that I have made, but I know they will not be the last!