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QU this weekend

Quilt University is this weekend and I am having a wonderful time! It’s long days, lots of learning and last night we had homework! We had to get all our painted items heat set so that we can create with them today.

There is also a pile of dyed fabric that I need to rinse out and look at again, but that won’t be happening until after today’s session. We are designing and making today. Woo hooo!

Here are a couple of quick shots of some of the fabric I’m making………….love every process we are exploring here. Susan Purney Mark rocks.

Gotta go………. One more whole day of surface design to enjoy!!!

4 thoughts on “QU this weekend

  1. I really wish I hadn’t needed to miss her classes. But family reunion, last one was 28 years ago, is not something I was willing to miss. So it goes…


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