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Workshop in review

Here is the good news for you and your guild…Susan Purney Mark is not fully booked right now and YOU could have her teach for you! If you can possibly do it–DO IT!

I had such a wonderful learning experience with her at Quilt University this weekend. Colour Blocking with thickened dyes gave such great results…I know you want to see what I have!

Playing with dyes has always been so much fun for me and this technique has certainly enhanced that.

The next two days were spent with paint and markers and paper….and so much more.

We produced a LOT of fabric…these next two are my favorites

We learned about ascemic writing and I practiced a bit and I’m starting to feel comfortable with this one style, of many styles.

We also had a chance to start working with some of the fabrics and I started with a collaged sketch book cover.

I brought two strips of paper to use up and so I made a couple of accordion books. The first is a simple, typical book, but it’s MY fabric!

The second one started out as a typical book, but then we cut out sections. Lots more interesting.

I want to make this next little book but didn’t have time to do more than practice with paper. It folds up tiny but it’s made from a single sheet.

There is a lot more to this than books, but that’s what captured my attention. I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable using so many more materials now…it’s a great feeling, for sure.

And Susan gave me a card that she created as a thank you for my help (as a supply shipping point!) so I have an original Susan Purney Mark artwork!

Couldn’t have had a better weekend!

Now to concentrate on what I have to prep and take to Blue Lake next week. Focus, Kathy, focus!

8 thoughts on “Workshop in review

  1. It would be extremely difficult to concentrate with all that stimulation running around in your head! Priorities… unfortunately.


    1. Oh, Mary, it was so much fun! Besides furthering my wish to work with fabric that I have created, it introduced me to products and techniques that I had not either known about or tried. Wonderful, wonderful feeling of freedom and experimentation without limits!


  2. Looks like a great workshop. I especially like the black and white, something I don’t usually do. And the ascemic writing – love that! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Susan limited us to black and white for the major part of the workshop so that we could concentrate on design and contrast. It worked well and I especially liked the white on black!


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