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Prep and pack

My focus this week has been to get ready to teach at Blue Lake. I spent part of the time doing one of my favorite things…watching glue dry. Much more exciting than watching paint dry!

In consideration of ratio of students to sewing machines, we need to glue instead of sew some of what we wish to do. Houses will be made with a lot of glue, like this little one.

Fill in projects will include accordion books and soft fold up books like this one.

When it’s cut and folded it is the size of one the squares, and the picture is revealed.

All that’s left is to finish glueing another house together and pack up. I’m READY!

Personal sewing has taken a back seat, of course, and there may not be much to post about for the next 10 days, but I’ll share when I can…not much wifi at camp!

I have been adding pieces to my spool book project.

Sewing on the deck on a beautiful summer morning is heavenly! Last night I think I added the last bits of lace to this project.

Now on to embellishment and beads. And I finally found the type of spool I have been looking for to put it on…when it rains, it pours. None for months and then 5 or 6 at once. I chose these two and plan to make another book on the smaller one, too.

Looking forward to some quiet time in the woods…when not hanging with those wonderful, lively middle-schoolers. Their creativity does refresh me and astonish me so much! Can’t wait to see what they do with the faces project.

‘Sup, Dude?


8 thoughts on “Prep and pack

    1. Not really…I’ve just seen them over the years. Probably there is stuff on youtube but I have not explored there. Try ‘folding books’ in your search.


    1. I’m ready to roll! Will probaby most enjoy the days that hubby and grandson are at camp, too. It’s wonderful that this camp allows and encourages families to come.


  1. Love your houses!! Sounds like a fun workshop. I also have some of those spools that I want to make something with but they are waiting for me to take the time to do it. Looking forward to what you do with them. Thanks for the inspiration this morning.


    1. I’m finding that making houses is very difficult for me…I hope the ‘eyes of the child’ makes it easier for the students! And my spool book is pure relaxation.


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