Raku–I love it!

Here’s a quick little look at the magic of the raku firing…

AJ made a house of clay while he was here. This is what it looked like as it was loaded into the kiln.

And now look at how it changed.

Even the inside is shiny and sparkly!

This hasn’t even had the soot scrubbed off and it is soooo beautiful! Of course, since AJ called it a house of destruction, he may not ever want to scrub the soot off of it.

Today is art show set-up. A long and tiring day, but the reward is so worth it. It’s the ‘why’ of teaching…seeing what the creativity of young minds brings to the experience of mature teachers. I shall be taking lots of pictures on Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Raku–I love it!

    • AJ hasn’t even seen the final piece yet. He had to go home before they did the raku firing so he’s only seen these pictures, too. Can’t wait to get home and show it to him.


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