Museum day

This was not a week for sewing at all. Monday and Tuesday were spent doing laundry, sorting all the stuff I took to Blue Lake with me, hanging with the grandson and being home again. Wednesday was an ‘organize myself’ day, with a little work on this,

and Thursday I went to the AQS show in Grand Rapids. That was fun but I took no photos–I find that I don’t go back and look at the work of others, so I am just enjoying it in the moment. Wonderful work, for sure.

It was also a day for connections. I met two of my social media friends for real, Jenny Lyon and Robin Koehler and we chatted as though we had seen each other every day! Great to meet them both.

And there was this vendor…………….a connection was made and there is the possibility of writing patterns using their fabrics. It’s got my brain spinning, but what is there to lose? Sounds interesting.

Friday was so much fun with the grandson. We try to take him to the Toledo Museum of Art occasionally and we always have a great time. The good time started right inside the door with an interactive art and music exhibit. The outdoor exhibits get a visit also and when I took this photo

I remembered that we had done the same photo before…in 2016, it turns out. Mr. AJ has grown a bit since then!

My plans for this week were to catch up on all my neglected garden projects, but that may be changed now. My brain is absolutely spinning with pattern ideas and that must be resolved so I can concentrate on day to day obligations a little bit, too!

I WILL get that lawn mown today, though. As well as being a necessity, it’s a great time for planning out a pattern as I work!