Getting back to normal

It’s finally starting to feel as though I’m back to my normal routines again. I was able to start clearing up the absolute chaos in my studio and find a bit of room to work. It feels as though I have been away from home for months, but it’s really because I have been learning and teaching and not focusing on playing with my toys.

It started with my class at Quilt National and learning how to do infused newsprint cloth from Margarita Korioth. Then a wonderful three days with Susan Purney Mark exploring all kinds of surface design on fabric. Immediately following was two weeks of concentration on Blue Lake projects and students. AQS-Grand Rapids…glad I didn’t sign up for any classes! I met a vendor and we are talking about pattern writing and samples, but not sure if that’s a direction I wish to travel. Whew!

Playing normal, then! I chose a backing and decided on a finishing method for my You Go, Girl! picture.

There is a lot of stitching on it already from the collage construction, but adding batting and backing allowed for more stitching and texture.

This girl stared at me for 2 weeks at Blue Lake and home, insisting on a finish. I made both of us happy today!

One of the things I cleared off my table was my recent fabric indulgence. I love Marcia Derse fabric and could not resist adding these to my stash.

I believe I still have the last fabric I bought of hers, too…it’s almost enough just to pet it!

And I never visit the Toledo Museum of Art without finding something inspirational. This time is was a beautiful chair……..and I did not even LOOK at the creator’s name!

Because as wonderful as the chair itself was, I fell in love with the shadow of the chair.

I don’t know how or when, but that will appear in my work in some form!

Settling in to the home routine really feels great. Next adventure isn’t for a few weeks and I hope to get enough done to feel caught up and on top of my studio life by then. I didn’t even mind having to mow the lawn yesterday, since that’s a part of the regular routine that I happen to like!

And I still have great hopes for a day with a nap…THAT is a totally indulgent day!

4 thoughts on “Getting back to normal

  1. Great face!!! Hope to see it in person. I am on the same page regarding Marcia Derse.  I bought the whole line and added it to all the other pieces I own and haven’t used yet.  Just looking at it is so pleasing to me. I just packaged something up for you last night.  I’ll bring it to the next meeting I attend.  I may not be back from NY trip for Sept meeting. Take care,Lynn A.


    • Hope you make it back for our next meeting, but we’ll connect soon. I’m not sure I’ll ever use my Marcia fabric, but who cares? It’s the love of fabric that motivates us and using it is simply a bonus!


  2. I don’t believe for one second that you can slow down and take a nap…..your creativity and love of exploring the fiber world keeps you moving and keeps me coming back daily to read your blog!


    • Oh, I LOVE naps! If I ever fought them as a child, I’m making up for it now. Even a short one is a big refresher. And, yes, my love of fiber keeps me moving forward and playing and playing and playing!!!


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