Experiment PLUS Frustration

Yesterday was an entire day spent in the studio, trying to work out a pattern. Of course I thought it was going to be simple. Of course it was NOT.

My first parameter was this gorgeous pile of fabrics for which I need to write a couple of patterns. 10 fabrics in each stack, and the second parameter is to try to use all 10 in each pattern.

Sooooo not the way I usually work. I had the pattern actually mostly written from my pre-book writing experiments. Simple project, then, right?

And I didn’t want to cut into the new fabric until I was sure the pattern would work. Thus it was cut, sew, stack, slash, switch, trim………with 10 of my own fabrics. Pretty fabrics, but using them ALL in the way the pattern was written was waaaay too “crowded”.

My scrap baskets are starting to get refilled! Don’t worry…it’s not a total waste. I can use the pieces of the experiment in a different way, just not in the way the pattern is written.

Back to the drawing board, with another pile of 10 fat quarters. When I say that I have used 20 of my own fat quarters to experiment with this pattern, it sure sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? You can’t even begin to tell where they may have come from in my stacks of fabric!

Second try left this pile of scraps, but I think I may have the issues worked out!

Today I’m headed back to cut into the actual fabric…I think! I may wait for a couple more solid colors to add in, but I still have re-writes to do on the pattern. It’s a bit different from my usual style so I have to spend time actually thinking about what I do and how I do it. And it’s the first of several patterns I want/need to do!

This is stressful, and challenging and FUN all at the same time! Not as much improv as usual, more structure. The discipline required for this is very good for my normal scattered brain approach to creating. Back to the studio I go…with a big smile on my face!

6 thoughts on “Experiment PLUS Frustration

    • Playing and finishing up the samples–AFTER the actual pattern is made–should be fun. All restrictions and parameters will then be off and I can go wild. Until then, I have to try to make it so others can create a design from these pieces!


  1. It is challenging when you do things in a different order than usual. Even a simple change in the morning routine can sometimes throw me off. But it is good to do from time to time so you can make sure your routine is how it should be. I am glad you are enjoying it, and look forward to seeing the quilt.


    • Experimenting is always fun and fitting into definite parameters is the challenge. Adding in a self-imposed timeline/deadline gives it a little more kick, too! I CAN do it!


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