My eyes are crossing!

Tissue paper is the answer to so many of my quilting problems. It certainly will solve the issue of stitching down my organza leaves, with some stitched and some loose. I simply traced the leaf shapes I’ve used from the beginning onto the tissue and pinned it over the top of the organza.

Thank goodness I made each adjacent leaf a different color. It was hard enough to keep them straight BEFORE I started the stitching!

Then I pinned them to the quilt………and realized that there was no practical way to do that AND take out the pins holding the organza in place. Pins, pins and more pins! All I could hope to do was stitch slowly and try not to hit any and break a needle. I hate when that happens, but I’m not a virgin in that area!

After getting through a little bit of stitching, I was even MORE thankful that I used different colors. This is when my eyes started crossing………..purple is stitched but blue is not and pink crosses the orange and green needs to extend a bit over the edge………yikes! Whose idea was it to have the leaves overlapping anyway? Sheesh!

I’m taking a break! I’m in the middle section of the quilt and it’s getting ever more difficult to move, keep the paper flat, watch out for pins and stitch where I want to go.

And I love every minute of this difficult job. Hands-on problem solving makes me sooooo happy. And as soon as I could rip off a bit of the paper, I checked to see if things were actually coming out as I hoped. Yeeeesssssss…it’s working. It will be worth the picking out of little paper bits until Christmas time. Yep, it will.