Falling from the shelves

Whenever I move things on seldom used shelves in my studio, something interesting always falls out! Today it was a couple of pieces from a class I took many years ago…so long ago that I can’t remember who taught it. So long ago that I’m not even sure what we were supposed to be learning.

I think it was inserting strips and manipulating fabric.

Don’t really know how to go about reconstructing the meaning behind this piece, but this next one was pretty straightforward.

I was able to play with them a bit and make some cards out of them.

But do you know the most important lesson that I learned today?

DO NOT and I mean do not EVER use ugly fabrics when you take a class! Because even if you learn a technique that you will not use again, the lesson will always look better with pretty fabrics!

Will be out of regular internet coverage for a bit, so I will post as it becomse available to me.